Beginning in spring of 2020, Redwood partnered with Horton’s Kids and provided significant funding to redevelop and create on-site community centers to support the children of what has been a chronically under-supported community. Horton’s Kids currently mentors 241 community participants in their programs, representing 120 households within the Skyline community. Their four comprehensive programs are designed to address:

Academics: Programs encompass Homework Help, Program Evaluation, Literacy Intervention, and Education Advocacy, ensuring children receive the necessary academic support to thrive.

Youth Development: Community engagement activities such as weekend enrichment, field trips throughout the nation’s capital city, character-building exercises, and life skills training.

Health & Wellness: Focusing on the overall wellbeing of the community, including mental health and wellness initiatives, physical health promotion, and access to family essentials.

Family Engagement: Through activities like parent advisory council meetings, game nights, family visits, and ongoing support, child development is fostered with a strong sense of community and family empowerment.

To date, Horton’s Kids has played a critical role in addressing food insecurity at Skyline Apartments. In particular, in 2022, they distributed more than 8,500 meals, providing nourishment and relief to residents in need. Horton’s Kids continues to be a beacon of hope and a shining example of the crucial partnerships Redwood fosters to drive positive change. Find out more at