What We Do

Purpose-Driven Development

We are an impact development and investment organization focused on investing in people, properties and neighborhoods.

We approach every aspect of the development process with intention, determination and an open mind, and strive to find innovative solutions that are lasting and tailored to a specific opportunity. Our structure and approach allow us to continually challenge industry standards while pushing the boundaries of traditional development. We are passionate about maximizing our impact and making a lasting difference through design, development, management and stewardship.

Our Method

Our design philosophy encompasses a conscientious integration of socially and environmentally sustainable practices aimed at enhancing livelihoods, strengthening communities and safeguarding our planet. This approach is deliberate in our endeavor to raise the standard throughout our communities.

Our flexible approach allows for development activities to be tailored without unnecessary restrictions or constraints. We put residents and communities first and prioritize preservation activities where we can deliver the most impact.

We recognize the significant influence management has on fostering positive change and shaping communities, and we continually leverage the expertise of our team and our partners. This hands-on approach provides growth and development opportunities for the communities and residents we serve.

We provide critical support and social programs to residents and surrounding communities. Our approach to enhanced services and partnerships ensures best-in-class results that extend to non-profit organizations, community groups and public agencies.

Featured Projects

Hausten Gardens

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hausten Gardens, a mid-rise affordable senior community located near Waikiki Beach, was at risk of being converted to market rate housing. Redwood collaborated with a local partner to preserve and meaningfully improve the community as high-quality affordable housing.

The Presidio

San Clemente, California

The Presidio, a three-story senior community located in a high-demand, supply-constrained market, was at risk of being converted to market-rate housing. Redwood sponsored an amenity rich, environmentally focused renovation that preserved the property as high-quality affordable housing.

Admiralty Apartments

Port Townsend, Washington

Admiralty Apartments, a mixed-use historically significant property on Port Townsend Bay, was partially condemned after storms damaged its structure. Redwood sponsored an environmentally focused redevelopment that included rebuilding the property’s pilings and brick masonry façade.

The Porter

Lansing, Michigan

The Porter, a 100-year old historic landmark located a few blocks from Michigan’s Capitol, was in need of meaningful capital investment. Redwood collaborated with the local community to sponsor a comprehensive renovation to preserve and revitalize this historic landmark.

The Winthrop

Tacoma, Washington

The Winthrop, a mixed-use historically significant former hotel in Tacoma, was on the verge of failure after prior ownership filed for bankruptcy. Redwood sponsored a comprehensive, historically significant renovation that restored the former luxury hotel into high-quality affordable housing.

Watercolor illustration of the Admiralty Apartments
Illustration of the Winthrop Hotel in Tacoma

Featured Projects

We understand the critical role our work plays in the communities we serve and in which we have an unwavering focus, driving enormous impact while raising the standard.